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Sonic Visual Controls - Classics
Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control - Ver 2.0.0
  • Easy Skins To Your Applications.
  • 12 Different built-in popular Themes including Vista, Office2007, Safari and SilverLight Styles.
  • Modernize and Beautify All Your Visual Basic 6.0 Projects Easily.
  • Simple Drag & Drop ActiveX Solution.
  • Full 32 & 64 bit Support and Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP.
  • Royalty-Free Distribution and Easy Deployment with Your Compiled Projects.
  • Download Free Fully Functional ActiveX Control.

Apply Skins to your Visual Basic applications easily with the new Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control. Whether you are an expert programmer or you don't have a clue to create a nice skin to your applications, the Sonic Skinner is the Ideal tool for you to create professional style interfaces with just a click.

Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control

This Super version (Ver 2) is a highly advanced version and contains 12 exclusive built-in themes. All themes are professionally designed and include features to be customized as you would do in a normal Form. The lightweight and Imageless skins allow you to resize the Form as large as you require with high definition rendering.

Equipped with the Latest foolproof Registration and Online Activation technology the developers can now distribute their end products with our ActiveX Control hassle free and without any fear in mind of their users obtaining the full version privileges.

With Sonic Skinner take your Visual Basic Applications to the next level and reduce your time in designing graphics and coding interfaces and focus more on functional aspects of your software.

You may download the Demo Studio application for the Sonic Skinner below and test the Fully Functional ActiveX Control file immediately in your Projects. The ActiveX Control can be Activated to Full Version anytime by purchasing a valid Activation Code according to the number of Computers or Developers of your choice. Until you purchase a License you can try the ActiveX Control and explore the Samples and Demo Applications as long as you need.

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(The Installation Package includes Fully functional ActiveX Control, Demo Applications & Sample Projects, Help & Documentation and Activation Software.)

    Excellent Styles and Ease of Use
Sonic Frame Styles
  • Easy integration to your IDEs, just Drag & Drop the ActiveX control to the Components Panel or Toolbox.
  • Just add the Skin control to your Form and that's it. The Form will be skinned automatically.
  • All standard features of a VB Form is supported through the included properties.
  • Four standard Form buttons Close, Maximize & Restore, Minimize and Help buttons were included and can be individually turned On or Off.
    • Ample of Themes and Customizable Colors & Shapes
  • 12 Different built-in popular Themes including Vista, Office2007, Safari and SilverLight styles.
  • All Skins are imageless. That is all are drawn by pure coding. So the control is lightweight and only consumes very little system resources.
  • Resize the Skin as the Form is resized to any large size according to the screen resolution with High definition rendering.
  • Customize the sizes of the Title Bar, Skin Buttons and Borders.
    • Great Caption Features
  • Skin Caption with Shadow and Anti-aliased text rendering to produce splendid texts with the latest Clear Type Fonts and old Fonts.
  • Unicode support added for Both Skin and Taskbar Captions.
  • Direct input of Unicode text to the Caption via coding or IDE properties page.
    • Amazing Special Features
  • Full screen Skin feature added to enable applications to resize to the available screen space.
  • Icon support for automatically detect and display Form's icon.
  • System menu feature to display the standard system menu on a Skinned Form.
  • Additional Background Skin part also included by default and you can turn it off any time as well.
  • The ability to Save and Load skins were included in order to support future skins.

  •   And much more...

      Product Details
  • Name : Sonic Skinner
  • Version : 2.0.0
  • Component Type : ActiveX Control
  • ActiveX File : SonicSkinner.ocx (400 KB)
  • Catalog ID : SVC0005
  • Released Date : 7th July 2009
    • Supported IDEs / Programming Languages
  • Visual Basic 5 & 6
  • *Note : Please note that at this moment the Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control fully supports only Visual Basic environments. In near future support for .Net IDEs will be released.

      Supported Operating Systems
         Full Compatibility
  • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows MCE
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 2000

  •      Partial Compatibility
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95
    • Using ActiveX Control
  • To add the ActiveX Control to your IDE, just select the name Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control in the Components section or Drag & Drop the SonicSkinner.ocx file to the Components Panel or Toolbox.
  • To change the Sonic Skinner Theme change the value of BodyTheme in the property page.
  • To resize the Skin only resize the parent Form at the design time since the Sonic Skin will be automatically resized according to the Forms initial size.
  • When entering a Unicode text string directly to the Caption porperty of the Sonic Skin, first select a Unicode Font such as "Arial Unicode MS" and then enter each Unicode Character by typing "~$" followed by the Decimal value of the specific character in 5 digits.

         Example : SonicSkin1.Caption = "Hello ~$01582~$01608 ~$01605"
    • Product Activation
  • You must purchase a valid Activation Code from our website to activate the product to Full Version and remove the Demo Notification from your projects. To enter the Activation Code go to the "Register ActiveX" section in the Demo Studio and then paste the string of code exactly as is, without any line breaks, leading or trailing spaces. Then click the "Activate" button to begin the online instant activation process.
  • If the Activation is successful then a message "Activation Successful !" will appear and your Registration Information and License Details will be shown on the "Register ActiveX" page.
    • Deploying ActiveX Control with Your Projects
  • You must re-distribute the Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control (SonicSkinner.ocx) with your compiled projects to your clients' or end users' computers along with your compiled Applications for them to work properly. The ".ocx" file must be available either in the System Folder (ex: “C:\Windows\System32\” or “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\”) or the same folder where your application’s executable is.
  • If you have properly activated the product before compiling your projects then the Activation information of ActiveX Control will be embedded into your Applications, and therefore you do not need to activate the product on their machines.
  • If you want to re-distribute the ActiveX Control along with a non compiled source code project, then you must activate the product on their machines as well, in order to remove the Demo Notification. For this you need to have had purchased enough Licenses to do the Activation in all end user machines.
  • You should not give away your Activation Code to your clients or end users, unless you have purchased enough Licenses to do so. If you give away the Activation Code, then your clients can also use the Activation Privileges and therefore you will lose the total number of Activations for that particular Activation Code.
    • Advanced Usages
  • Please refer to the Demo Applications and Sample Projects given with the Demo Studio to easily understand the advanced usages of the control.
    • Performance Optimization
  • If you do not need the Skin's Background part to be drawn then you may turned it off by making the BackgroundShow property to False. This will increase the speed of the Sonic Skinner control.
  • Do not try to enlarge the sizes of the Title Bar, Borders and the Buttons unnecessarily since they will consume more cpu power when at large sizes.
  • Use a 256 colored and 24x24 sized standard Icon as your Form's icon in order to properly display the Icon on the Sonic Skin.
  • Do the changes to the Skin at the Design time as much as possible, not at the Runtime since the control will go through redrawing process for each and every changes.
  • Product Licensing Information

    You can purchase 3 types of Licenses through the payment methods we provide. After your purchase we'll send you an Activation Code through email where it can be used to activate the Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control on your computers according to the License type.
      1. Single Developer License - US$ 21
  • The Activation Code provided can only be used by a Single Developer on Two Computers such as a Desktop or a Laptop.
    • 2. Group Developer License - US$ 79
  • The Activation Code provided can only be used by either 10 Developers or can be used only on 10 Computers to activate the Software.
    • 3. Enterprise Developer License - US$ 149
  • The Activation Code provided can only be used to activate the Software at the particular Site / Company either by 100 Developers or can be used only on 100 Computers at the same Site / Company.
  • All license types include Royalty Free Distribution of the ActiveX control with your projects (you can install them on your clients' machines for free) and Unlimited Run Time.

    We provide free technical support for all license types as well.

    Sonic Skinner - Demo Studio

    Sonic Skinner Demo 1 - Built-in Themes

    Sonic Skinner Demo 2 - Graphite Theme

    Sonic Skinner Demo 3 - iTunes & Safari Themes

    Sonic Skinner Demo 4 - MediaPlayer & SilverLight Themes

    Sonic Skinner Demo 5 - Office2007 & Vista Themes

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