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About Sonic ActiveX

For more than 8 years, SWJ Soft has been creating highly user friendly and professional ActiveX Components for developers all around the world. Our Off-The-Shelf ActiveX Controls are very well recognized for their simplicity and attractive designs and currently we have a large number of small and medium businesses which are using the components to enhance their applications. Most of our clients are software development companies but we also have many individuals and service industries who use our products often to customize their in-house applications.

For all these years we were able to provide our products for the best prices in the market due to our rapid and cost efficient development methods which lead us to be famous among small businesses. One of our main goal is to keep our customers happy by providing an excellent and free after sales support service.

Vb Ocx

Vb Ocx Controls

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  • HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .Net

    Simplifies the conversion of HTML to Word Document in Visual Studio .Net with just 2 lines of code!

    HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .Net is a standalone .Net class library for C#, VB.Net, J# and ColdFusuion developers.

    With the help of this component these functions can be easily integrated into any ASP.Net server, WinForms, Console applications:

    • Export HTML to Word for printing
    • Convert ASPX to Word on fly
    • Convert HTML to RTF, Unicode Text
    • Merge RTF files

    Our library is absolutely standalone, it does't require Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer. We don't use any third-party software. It's completelly written in C# in Visual Studio.

    More Info...   Buy Now   Download Trial !
  • Professional Visual Basic 6.0 ActiveX Controls Suite!

    Smart Professional User Interface (GUI) for Visual Basic 6.0 or any ActiveX platforms.

    HelpVistaXPDiamond Enterprise Edition 2008 (HVEE 2008) VB ActiveX Controls.

    HVEE 2008 (VB ActiveX Controls) is a powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and customizes to give you the ability to quickly create professional applications that have the latest visual styles and advanced features that are seen in such products as Microsoft Windows XP, Vista regardless of their operating system. It consists of a total of 25 VB Activex Controls.

    The Suite provides Windows GUI software engineers with all the necessary Visual Basic ActiveX Controls that have been thoroughly engineered,designed and tested to help them create modern interfaces without writing much line of source code.

    More Info...   Buy Now   Download Trial !
  • PDF Vision .Net

    Add capability to generate PDF from HTML, ASPX, Images into your ASP.Net and WinForms applications.

    Have you spent a lot of time to find how to convert ASPX, HTML to PDF or TIFF to PDF in ASP.Net?

    PDF Vision .Net is a component to convert images to PDF format. It supports BMP to PDF, JPG to PDF, GIF to PDF and other formats such as WMF, EMF, ICO, and PNG.

    The component created only with pure C#, it's absolutely standalone and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat. Developers can convert images to PDF with only two lines of code on C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net.

    Easy integration into any .Net application. It's very easy even for novice! The PDF Vision .Net represents only a file "PDFVision.dll", simply copy it into your 'Bin' directory and place these code into your application.

    More Info...   Buy Now   Download Trial !

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