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Compare Sonic Click Super, Ultra & Pro Button ActiveX Controls !
  • The Future Button For Your Applications.
  • More than 25 Features and 47 Built-in Novel Themes in just one ActiveX.
  • Modernize and Beautify All Your Visual Basic 6.0 Projects Easily.
  • Works with VB .Net, Visual C++ 6.0, C# .Net, MS Access, Delphi, Xbase++, etc.
  • Simple Drag & Drop ActiveX Solution.
  • Full 32 & 64 bit Support and Compatible with Windows 8 , 7 , Vista & XP.
  • Royalty-Free Distribution and Easy Deployment with Your Compiled Projects.
  • Download Free Fully Functional ActiveX Control.

Sonic Click Super Button ActiveX Control is a multipurpose standalone universal component for Programming IDEs to provide the fastest and easiest way to create appealing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with clickable buttons of different Themes and Functionalities. This Super control is specially designed for performance critical applications which need high speed.

Sonic Click Super Button ActiveX Control

The possible applications and uses of the control are truly unlimited due to the extra ordinary features and properties included. With few clicks and tricks the developer can easily create from classical orthodox Windows Applications to highly customizable Kiosk Interfaces. You can use the product just to replace your old fashioned Buttons or use it to create an application's entire user interface with the professionally designed built-in 47 novel Themes.

This version is a highly improved and optimized successor version of the previously released versions of Sonic Click Button control and loads 15 times faster than previous versions and also consumes only a very low amount of memory and system resources. Coded with highly optimized graphical processing algorithms the control delivers utmost performance according to the Interface requirements.

Equipped with the latest foolproof Registration and Online Activation technology the developers can now distribute their end products with our ActiveX Control royalty-free and without any fear in mind of their users obtaining the full version privileges.

We have developed Three different versions of the Sonic Click Button ActiveX Control in order to suit different developer requirements. Please click the Button below to see a full feature comparison of the 3 Buttons.

Sonic Click Super

Sonic Click Ultra

Sonic Click Pro
File Size
File Size
Built-in Themes
Custom Theme Support
Image Button Support
Custom Shape Support
24-bit Icons and Images
32-bit Alpha Transparent Images
(ex: PNG, ICO & BMP)
Button Texture
Anti-Aliased Borders
Icon Effects
Modes of Operation
Demo Studio
Licensing Options :
Single Developer
Multi Developer
Enterprise Developer
Extremely Fast
296 KB
108 KB
47 Themes
Only Icons

Size: 2.23 MB
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Very Fast
316 KB
115 KB
47 Themes
All Picture Properties

Size: 2.42 MB
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537 KB
208 KB
47 Themes
(Including PNG Images)
(Including PNG Images)
All Picture Properties
All Picture Properties
(Including PNG Images)

Size: 3.25 MB
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Custom Button

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